Interactive COBOLEnvyr Corporation


Envyr Corporation offers services designed to address the needs of customers challenged by deadlines, lack of COBOL expertise, lack of internet expertise, or simply a staff shortage. Our custom service solutions let you tap our broad range of COBOL, internet, and system expertise, whether it's for the application and configuration of our products or in related technical services. We offer the following services with pricing that matches the scope of your challenge:

  • Migration assistance is available to help you move your COBOL applications to new hardware  platforms and/or operating system environments.

    Change is inevitable.  The scope of your solution or the hardware you choose to run it on is bound to change at some point in time, and we can smooth the transition for you.
  • Internet services help you determine the best way to bring your application to the world wide web.

    No company can afford to ignore the impact of the web on doing business today.