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ICOBOL Revision 5.34 >>
(July 10, 2018)

The production release of ICOBOL version 5.34 is posted on our website and ready for you to download. This release includes an enhancement to support longer usernames and passwords for remote access.

Two of the biggest new features in ICOBOL 5 are native 64-bit execution and a new version of our data file manager that supports files larger than 4 GB - much larger! Click here to check it out. Since this is a new major release, it does require an upgraded license. The good news is that we have restructured our licensing to make it simpler and to include more function for the same price or less. For example, it includes the ISQL and PDF writing capabilities at no charge. We are also consolidating all of the client/server servers under a single ICNET license and we lowered its price. And, a single license can be installed on either Windows or Linux and license programs from both platforms (we are bundling the CROSS option at no charge).

And there is more good news. We still have version and competitive upgrades at reduced prices. Discounts ranging from 15% to 35% are still available to make the move to ICOBOL 5. Click here to check it out.

Have you heard people say that COBOL is dead?

Many people are saying it, but it simply isn't true. COBOL may not have the glitz of the latest programming languages, yet it is so reliable and does its job so well, that it is not just alive, it is growing. Unfortunately, many people believed that COBOL was dead and so there are not as many COBOL programmers as there used to be. Maybe that's your problem - you have lots of valuable COBOL code but you can't find any programmers to work on it and you feel like you're at a dead end. That is where we can help. We know COBOL inside and out and have years of experience doing COBOL system migrations and upgrades, as well as performing custom programming and adding new features to existing customer applications.

Give us a call and ask about our COBOL programming services. We can help.

Have you heard any talk about Cloud Computing lately?

Perhaps you have, but you didn't join the conversation because you thought that offering your ICOBOL application as a cloud-based service was way too complicated. By combining a Linux-based ICOBOL server with our thin client product, it may be easier than you think. And when it comes to hosting that server, we can make that easy as well and help you get started on servers hosted by a major hosting provider.

Give us a call and ask about our cloud services. We can help.

Are You Running on Borrowed Time?

Perhaps you recognize names like Eclipse MV/8000® and AViiON® because you're still running that old Data General system with Interactive COBOL. If so, you're running on borrowed time - a major system failure is looming closer and closer.  Can you afford to be down for days or weeks while you scour the country for replacement parts?  Have you checked your backups lately to make sure you can recover from a crashed disk drive? Even if you are lucky, and your system stays up for another year, it is another year of lost productivity as you run on a a machine that is hundreds of times slower than today's processors. Why not make the move to one of our open systems platforms today?

Give us a call and ask about our migration services. We can help.

Leverage the data behind your COBOL applications in powerful ways!

If you need to access your data:

  • from a Windows program, such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, or Crystal Reports
  • over an intranet or the internet
  • or even from an application written in C

we have the tools to make it happen. Check out our ODBC Driver, Client/Server File Access, and Client/Server SQL access products.