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ICOBOL 3 and Windows 7 end of support

For customers still running ICOBOL 3 who are planning to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, please be aware of the following:
your licensing will fail once you upgrade.
The USB and Parallel port protection devices will fail to authorize in Windows 10 because the device driver shipped with ICOBOL 3 does not work in Windows 10. An updated Sentinel device driver can be downloaded and installed from our download page to solve this problem.
A MAC address protected license will fail because programming interfaces used by ICPERMIT were changed by Microsoft in Windows 8 and up. There is currently no work around for this other than to upgrade the license to ICOBOL 5.

Effective July 1, 2019, we will completely discontinue any sales, support, changes, or device replacements for ICOBOL 2 and ICOBOL 3 systems.

Our address has changed

Our new mailing address is:

Envyr Corporation
92 Cornerstone Drive Ste 143
Cary, NC 27519

Note that we have also changed our book-keeping system. And so, you may notice a change in the layout and appearance of invoices, estimates, emails, and other documents generated by our system.


Latest Info
ICOBOL Revision 5.36 >>
(January 24, 2020)

The production release of ICOBOL version 5.36 is posted on our website and ready for you to download. This release includes bug fixes and enhancements to icrevup utility.

Two of the biggest new features in ICOBOL 5 are native 64-bit execution and a new version of our data file manager that supports files larger than 4 GB - much larger! Click here to check it out. Since this is a new major release, it does require an upgraded license. The good news is that we have restructured our licensing to make it simpler and to include more function for the same price or less. For example, it includes the ISQL and PDF writing capabilities at no charge. We are also consolidating all of the client/server servers under a single ICNET license and we lowered its price. And, a single license can be installed on either Windows or Linux and license programs from both platforms (we are bundling the CROSS option at no charge).

And there is more good news. We still have version and competitive upgrades at reduced prices. Discounts ranging from 15% to 35% are still available to make the move to ICOBOL 5. Click here to check it out.

Are you worried about performance and scaling?

That is something you can take off your list of worries with ICOBOL. There are many of our customers who have systems with more than 100 simultaneous users. Our largest has nearly 1000. Sure, it takes a powerful server underneath us, but the fact remains that our system was built from the ground up to be an efficient multi-user system.

If you are running on a COBOL platform that isn't performing for you, please get in touch to talk about how we may be able to help.

Have you heard any talk about Cloud Computing lately?

Perhaps you have, but you didn't join the conversation because you thought that offering your ICOBOL application as a cloud-based service was way too complicated. By combining a Linux-based ICOBOL server with our thin client product, it may be easier than you think. And when it comes to hosting that server, we can make that easy as well and help you get started on servers hosted by a major hosting provider. We have been helping our clients do just that for nearly 10 years now, with dozens of companies running their businesses on ICOBOL servers in the cloud.

Give us a call and ask about our cloud services. We can help.

Are You Running on Borrowed Time?

Although you may have replaced your aging Data General hardware years ago, perhaps you are still running software that is just about as old -- an outdated and unsupported revision of ICOBOL 2 or ICOBOL 3 running on an outdated and unsupported Windows PC running Windows XP or Vista or Server 2003. If so, your PC isn't so different from those ancient Data General minicomputers - it is probably on its last legs and a catastrophic failure is sneaking up on you. Because ICOBOL 5 can run the programs built for ICOBOL 2, 3, or 4 it may be easier than you think to upgrade to a new system that is being actively supported.

Give us a call and ask about our migration services. We can help.

Leverage the data behind your COBOL applications in powerful ways!

If you need to access your data:

  • from a Windows program, such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, or Crystal Reports
  • over an intranet or the internet
  • or even from an application written in C

we have the tools to make it happen. Check out our ODBC Driver, Client/Server File Access, and Client/Server SQL access products.