Interactive COBOLEnvyr Corporation


Envyr Corporation offers several products in its Interactive COBOL (ICOBOL) suite that  help customers exploit and extend traditional COBOL applications and data in new and convenient ways. These products are augmented by our professional services to fully serve the needs of businesses and application developers who continue to reap the benefits of COBOL applications in today's computing environments.

The ICOBOL core product provides both the development and runtime support needed to build, install, and maintain COBOL applications that can run on platforms that are cost-effective and performance-sensitive for the needs of the business environment. From its early beginnings with Data General in 1976, to the open systems of today, ICOBOL continues to support a level of application program and data portability that is second to none.

The VX COBOL Dialect was designed to support the AOS/VS COBOL programmers and users of Data General's proprietary MV system platforms. The VX COBOL dialect provides the easiest possible migration path for legacy applications looking for an open-system platform where growth and evolution can occur. For all practical purposes, VX COBOL is AOS/VS COBOL for Windows and Linux! Originally a separate product, VX COBOL has now been integrated into ICOBOL via its dialect mechanism.

The ODBC Driver (Open Database Connectivity) helps users and developers alike tap into valuable data from COBOL applications using popular Windows software, such as Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access, Excel, Visual BASIC, and PowerBuilder.

The Client/Server products provide several mechanisms to leverage distributed processing using a client-server model.