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ICOBOL 5 Releases

Interactive COBOL Revision 5.50
(March 13, 2024)


Revision 5.50 is the current release of the ICOBOL 5 product. This version is an update that includes bug fixes, significant updates to the SP2 components, openssl, and updates to the underying toolsets used to build the system. The RHEL/CentOS 6 platform has been dropped, and the RHEL/Rocky Linux 9 platform has been added (64-bit only). See the Release Notes for more information and additional helpful details.

Get it Now!

Revision 5.50 can be downloaded now from our Download page.

Previous Releases

ICOBOL 4 support ended as of the end of 2015, so revision 4.89 is the last release of ICOBOL 4. Various ICOBOL 4 releases can still be downloaded from our Archive page.