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ODBC Driver

The ODBC driver provides access to ICOBOL data without requiring data migration. This lets organizations exploit that data in new ways. The advantages of using ODBC can be realized by:

  • End users, who can satisfy their information access and presentation needs using a wide variety of sophisticated, third-party desktop tools
  • Developers, who are freed from mundane adjustments to procedures and can use ODBC-enabled rapid development tools where appropriate

Product Attributes and System Requirements

The ICOBOL ODBC driver provides ICOBOL developers and users the ability to tap into ICOBOL application databases using popular desktop tools such as Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access, Excel, Visual BASIC, and PowerBuilder. The ICOBOL compiler has an option to help automate the creation of a "data dictionary" that maps COBOL record definitions onto relational database tables. ICOBOL ODBC makes it possible for ODBC-enabled programs to use SQL to access legacy ICOBOL INDEXED file data records as if they were rows of a table in a relational database. No conversion or export/import of the data is necessary. ICOBOL ODBC can also work in conjunction with the ICOBOL Client/Server File Access product to provide remote access to files on a Linux or Windows server over a TCP/IP based network.

ICOBOL ODBC consists of an administration component and an execution component, the use of which will influence its pricing for your environment. The administration component is used to specify the location of the metadata or "data dictionary", while the execution component has fully functional 32-bit and 64-bit ODBC Drivers (Level 1 API, minimum+ SQL grammar) components providing access to COBOL data from ODBC-enabled tools and applications, whether they are 32-bit or 64-bit. ICOBOL ODBC is always used in conjunction with ICOBOL , which maintains the key role in providing a comprehensive and robust primary development environment.

For more details, see the ODBC FAQ