Interactive COBOLEnvyr Corporation

ICOBOL Support

Before reporting a problem, check the download area. The latest revisions will be posted there, as well as the release notes. If you are not already on the latest revision, check for your problem in the release notes. Even if your specific problem is not listed, it is always best to make sure it still occurs with the latest revision, so download it and give it a try.

If you have a High Priority Support Contract, you may speak to us about your concerns on the telephone. You may also email us including a detailed problem description and the means for us to get back in touch with you.

if you do not have a support contract, and the issue is urgent, it is possible to purchase per-incident support.

High Priority and per-incident support are available from sales.

Whether you email us or contact us by telephone, we will need the following information from you:

  • Your name and Company name
  • Your contact information: email address and voice telephone number
  • The type of request: problem, enhancement, question, suggestion, or comment
  • The urgency: from low (it is annoying) to critical (my system stopped working)
  • The product component involved: examples are the runime system (icrun), the thinclient (icrunrc), the license manager (icpermit)
  • The product revision: All our executable components take a -h or /h switch that will display a help which will include the revision number
  • The operating system and revision you are running: examples are Windows 10, Windows Server 2019, CentOS 7, Rocky Linux 8
  • Describe the problem: please describe the symptoms as completely as possible, including all available error messages and status codes. Describe the conditions required to cause the problem to occur in detail. If applicable, Support can give you instructions to send us samples of code and/or data for us to use to reproduce the problem.
  • Send a copy of the output from icinfo