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Interactive COBOL

Interactive COBOL (ICOBOL) is a general-purpose COBOL based on ANSI-74 COBOL with many ANSI-85 features and useful extensions. It is available for today's  most popular business operating system platforms - Microsoft Windows and Linux. The product includes compatibility modes for several different COBOL dialects, including AOS/VS COBOL from Data General (our former product VX/COBOL).

ICOBOL was designed with these key factors in mind:

  • Application portability
    ICOBOL applications are portable across all supported operating system and hardware platforms. This portability extends to the program files that comprise the application, the data files, and even most system management functions and operating procedures.

  • Scalability
    Because of many years of performance tuning and various networking solutions, the ICOBOL products are noted for their scalability. That means you can configure an appropriate solution based on your specific application, budget, and performance needs, and easily scale up or down to another environment if those factors change in the future.

  • Multi-user support
    Features such as record locking and exclusive file access that are an afterthought in some systems are at the heart of ICOBOL. In developing ICOBOL, we have always remained sensitive to multi-user performance issues, such as efficient file access and terminal I/O.

  • Pricing consistent with your solution needs
    The ICOBOL product is divided into runtime and development components with a number of optional modules. This allows you tailor a system with just the components you need for a cost-effective solution. Our pricing is sensitive to your needs and consistent with the scale of your solution.

A more thorough description of the product structure can be found  on the RuntimeDevelopment, and Optional Modules pages, but here are some highlights of the many features found in ICOBOL. For complete details, visit the Download page to get the latest readme files, the Documentation page to get complete product documentation, and the ICOBOL 4 and ICOBOL 3 history pages for more detail on previous releases.

Here are some of the important features of ICOBOL 5.

  • Native 64-bit support
  • Dual-mode (32-bit and 64-bit) client-server support
  • Large data file support (multi-terabyte)
  • New installers
  • Enhanced PDF generation capabilities, including password-protection
  • Enhanced IC_SEND_MAIL authorization methods
  • TLS support to replace SSL3 due to its vulnerabilities
  • All the accumulated features from over 30 years of improving ICOBOL