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ICOBOL Pricing

Last Updated January 2, 2023.
Effective January 1, 2023, we will discontinue any sales, support, changes, or license protection device replacements for ICOBOL 4 and earlier systems, with the exception of MAC licenses as noted.
A new price list went into effect January 1, 2023. Note that prices were last adjusted effective July 1, 2019 (3 and 1/2 years ago).


ICOBOL 4 licenses can be converted from Parallel, Serial, or USB protection to MAC protection with the return of the old device. A temporary license will be issued until the old device is received. Existing ICOBOL 4 MAC licenses can also be replaced in the case of a new server or failed network card with the certification of the replacement reason and that the old license will no longer be used.

The price for such changes is $125 ($50 for the new MAC protection plus $75 license update fee).


Unless otherwise noted, all prices below are list prices for the ICOBOL 5 product.  All prices are expressed in U.S. Dollars.  All prices are subject to change without notice.

Reseller and volume discounts are available only for the ICOBOL 5 product, although some charges are not discountable, for example version upgrade discounts. Reseller discounts are adjusted periodically based on purchases made during the preceding 12 month period.

Most of our products are licensed for a specific maximum number of simultaneous users, which are governed by the ICOBOL License Manager (ICPERMIT). The permitted number of users is controlled by an encrypted license key in combination with a protection method that varies from platform to platform. The license key can be provided electronically and updated as needed. The number of users in both the Windows and Linux environments can be equated to the number of processes (of a particular licensed type) running at one time.

Important NOTES:

  • ICOBOL 5 licenses can be deployed on either Windows or Linux and can authorize licensed components on either Windows or Linux or a combination of the two (you no longer have to specify an OS when ordering).
  • Newly issued licenses will be Revision 5 licenses, which can be used to authorize an ICOBOL 3 or ICOBOL 4 system during an upgrade transition, although this does require an ICOBOL 5 version of icpermit.
  • We offer a one-time 60 day demonstration license free of charge to new customers to try our product. We reserve the right to limit the user count and products available on a demonstration license.
  • We offer a 30 day demonstration license to existing customers; limited to one every 60 days. We reserve the right to limit the user count and products available on a demonstration license.

For more information, please select the product or area of interest:

Special Upgrade Discounts

The following upgrade discounts are available. These discounts cannot be combined with a reseller discount (i.e., there is no double discount).

Eligible Licenses
2.xx, 3.xx or 4.xx purchased any time
Competitive Upgrade (WildHare, AcuCobol, MicroFocus, etc.)

Protection Method

All licenses require a protection method, which also protects your application from unauthorized use. The price is not discountable.

Note: we have discontinued sales of Serial, Parallel, and USB protection devices. The limited quantity of devices on hand will be reserved to replace failed devices for existing ICOBOL 5 customers.

MAC Address
Windows, Linux

ICOBOL and SP2 Development Environments

The base Development Environment License is used to develop applications that use a character mode, screen-based interface. The base development license authorizes the use of ICIDE on Windows and the command-line compiler on Windows and/or Linux.

The SP2 development tools are add-on tools used to develop a graphical user interface (GUI) for ICOBOL applications and to perform graphical layout of printed forms. The GUI interface is developed with the sp2 Panel Editor. Printed forms are developed with the FormPrint Forms Editor. Applications using these features must use either the Windows runtime or the Windows ThinClient connected to an ICOBOL server, which can be Windows or Linux.

NOTE: Runtime licenses are necessary to deploy the application and are purchased separately. ICOBOL character mode applications require a basic Runtime license (ICRUN) per user, and GUI mode applications or printed forms applications require both a basic Runtime license and an sp2 Runtime license (SP2RUN) per user.

Product Per-user Price
Base Development $450
sp2 Panel Editor $1,400
FormPrint Forms Editor $1,400
Bundle all three (save $800) $2,450

ICOBOL Base Runtime Environment

In ICOBOL 5, the base runtime environment license authorizes the standard runtime (icrun), the runtime for web servers (icruncgi), and/or the thinclient runtime surrogate (icrunrs). It also includes the equivalent of the ICOBOL 4 ICSQL license (see below).

User Count Price
over 50
$4,950 + $1,800/25 users

All of the following items, which previously were extra license options or extra licenses, are now bundled into the base Runtime license.

  • The ICOBOL 2 Option
  • The Watch Facility
  • Cross-platform Authorization
  • PDF Writing Facility
  • ICSQL Runtime License

ICOBOL sp2 Runtime

An ICOBOL sp2 Runtime license provides runtime support for programs developed using the sp2 Panel Editor and/or the FormPrint Forms Editor. It is priced at a flat rate per user.

$70 per user

ODBC Driver

The ODBC Driver is available for Windows and Linux and provides read/write access to data stored in ICISAM data files from any ODBC compliant application. It is priced at a flat rate per user.

$265 per user

Client/Server Access

Client/Server Access, as its name implies, consists of a client-side software component and a server-side software component. Licensing is managed on the server side, eliminating the need to install licenses on client machines.

There are three types of client/server services:

  • Client/Server File Access
    Client/Server File Access is required in order to share files among Linux machines or between Linux machines and Windows machines on a network. This product is not required for a Windows-only environment, but it may improve performance.
  • ThinClient Runtime Access
    An alternative to Client/Server File Access (sometimes called Thick Client Access) that may provide better performance and simpler system maintenance is to use ThinClient access.
    Note: For each ThinClient user, there must also be a coresponding base Runtime Environment license; and, for GUI-mode access, a corresponding SP2 Runtime license.
  • Remote ISQL Processing
    The ISQLS surrogate provides remote processing of integrated SQL (ISQL) requests from the runtime system.

In ICOBOL 5, all of these services are covered by a single ICNET license. The user count equates to the number of simultaneously active surrogate sessions of any type. Pricing is flat-rate per user.

$18 per user

Support Contracts

Annual contracts are for a calendar year. Contracts initiated after the first of the year will be prorated. Contracts will be billed for renewal in December for the following year. Per-incident support must be paid in advance via credit card. For details of the various support levels and policies, particularly as they apply to legacy versions, visit the Support Policies page.

Contract Duration High Priority
Annual $1,200
Per-Incident $100 for first hour,
then $75 per hour

License Updates

Updating a license incurs a non-discountable Service Charge of $50 plus an Update Charge that depends on the type of license update as described below. Multiple simultaneous updates to a license typically incur a single Service Charge. When a version upgrade is combined with another license update, the version upgrade is performed first, then the other updates are applied. The types of updates that are available and the corresponding Update Charges are:

  • Adding User Count

    The Update Charge is the difference between the current cost for for the existing license and the current cost for the license with the new maximum user count. This is discountable.

  • Convert Protection Type

    Licenses can be converted from one protection type to another by changing from one hardware protection device to a different hardware protection device, or from a hardware protection device to Mac Address. The Update Charge for this service is the cost of the new MAC protection type and the return of the old hardware protection device. This is non-discountable.

  • Replace MAC Protection Type

    Licenses based on MAC protection can be moved to a a different MAC address due to moving to a new server or replacing a failed network card. The company must return a form (which we will send) that certifies that the old server or network card is being taken out of service. The Update Charge for this service is the cost of a new MAC address protection. This is non-discountable.

  • Version Upgrade

    The update charge is the price of the new license components discounted by the version upgrade discount.

  • Temporary Duplicate License

    A temporary license that is a duplicate of an existing license can be issued for testing purposes (e.g., to test disaster recovery on a separate server). A temporary duplicate license is good for 30 days. There is no additional charge for a temporary license, but the base service charge still applies unless you maintain an annual support contract.

License Update Examples

Add users to a Windows Runtime to go from 17 users to 33-users with a 20% reseller discount:

    $50 Service Charge
 +  $940 Update Charge: (($3,650 - $2,475) * .80)
 =  $990

Miscellaneous Fees

Payment by Credit Card for orders over $150: 3% service charge.
  This must be requested at the time of the order so that we can enable the payment method.

Wire Transfer Fee: $50