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General FAQ

What information should I have before I contact Support about a problem?
At a minimum, we will need to know:

  • The revision of ICOBOL you were using when the problem occurred
  • The operating system and revision that was being used
  • The exact text of any exception statuses and error messages that you received

The output from ICINFO and the applicable log files will also be extremely helpful. If the problem involves a network, please be prepared to "draw a picture" of the network setup and configuration.

When I try to run ICINFO or ICCONFIG, I get an "Illegal instruction executed at xxxxxx" message. Or, when I try to bring up ICRUN, I get "Fatal exception 6". Why?
There is a good possibility that your system has a virus. You should run a current virus scanner and see if it can detect any problems

How can I get information about the ICOBOL shared area?
ICOBOL provides the ICSMVIEW program to allow the shared area used by ICOBOL to be viewed.

Does Envyr Corporation provide demo or trial code for its products?
Envyr Corporation offers a risk-free opportunity to test ICOBOL via a 30-day money-back guarantee trial program. Contact the Sales Department for more information.

When will the new revision level of ICOBOL become available on my platform?
Tthe latest revision of ICOBOL is always released concurrently for all supported platforms. The current releases page lists the current version.

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