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Network FAQ

Are there ways to improve network performance with ICOBOL?
Any or all of the following techniques should increase performance over the network:

  • If you are using a link file, make the link file local.
  • If you are using a library file, make the library file local.
  • Use the ICOBOL Client/Server File Access (ICNETD) product to access remote files.
  • Open the file exclusively.

How do I see other Runtimes on the network? (They don't show up on my Terminal Status screen.)
Currently the only way to see other runtimes is on a single machine where ICEXEC has created a shared area that all runtime processes use. The Terminal Status screen uses this shared area to show the information on the runtimes in use.

Why is I/O slower when I run ICOBOL on Windows than it was when I run ICOBOL on Linux with the same hardware setup?
The Windows environment always runs in network mode. Unless opened explicitly with the EXCLUSIVE option, ICOBOL must assume that all files are being shared with other processes and other computers on the network. This file-sharing assumption requires ICOBOL to flush its buffers to the operating system after every update, and then reload its buffers from the operating system at the start of every operation to get any "new" data. Even though ICOBOL implements an optimization algorithm to minimize reloading buffers, it still has a performance penalty.

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