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Runtime (ICRUN) FAQ

When I try to start ICRUN, I get an "Unable to establish license server connection" message. What does this mean?
This message means that ICPERMIT is not running, or that ICPERMIT is not running on the machine where you told ICRUN it would be running.

Where should I place a .EXE program so that my COBOL program can CALL it?
It should be placed in the PATH that is set when ICRUN is started.

When my program creates a new indexed file, why doesn't it appear in the directory specified in ICDATAPATH?
Any newly created data files will be placed in whatever you have designated as your working directory. While many users only have a single directory named in ICDATAPATH, it is designed to accommodate a list of directories.

Why do I get "Exception 35" when I try to open a file exclusively?
"Exception 35" indicates that the file is already open. For some reason, the system thinks that the file is open on the server. There is a process somewhere that has the file, or at least the .xd or .nx, open. Try rebooting the server, and then the workstation. Then, see if ICSTAT can open the file from the workstation.

When I try to create multiple Runtimes on my Windows or Linux machine, I get a message saying "Terminal is already in use [trying to reassign] @conX. There are no more unassigned consoles available." How can I create more than one Runtime?
This message indicates that all of the @CONs that you have enabled in your configuration file are already in use. To support multiple Runtimes, you must enable additional @CONs under devices in ICCONFIG or ICEDCFW on Windows or ICCONFIG on Linux.

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